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The online home of Jeremy Grubbs, CJE and Bennett Yerger of Jostens

A little bit  about Bennett

Bennett Yerger is new to the Birmingham area having recently moved from Madison, Mississippi, and like Jeremy, he is an Ole Miss Rebel. He received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications and a minor in Business. His degree combines both journalism and marketing, and those, along with a background in graphic design, have been great skills to have in working with yearbook sponsors.

At Ole Miss, he was a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity and served on the Associated Student Body Elections Commission as a member of the Justice Department. Bennett held a leadership position in the Interfraternity Council as a Rho Alpha and was a member of the Ole Miss Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Bennett’s interest and hobbies include running, hunting, fishing, and kayaking, and he is looking forward to all that outdoor Alabama offers. He also loves attending college football games, and while he is a die-hard Rebel, he plans to attend other SEC venues and get a taste of life away from the Grove.

After working for Jostens in Mississippi covering a territory that ranged from West Tennessee through Mississippi down to the Alabama coast, Bennett is excited to focus his efforts in Northern Alabama and meet schools and sponsors spanning from Birmingham to Huntsville. Bennett feels the best part of his job is building relationships with students and sponsors and developing a book of which all can be proud. He enjoys working with many different kinds of schools and many different sizes of schools to create a book that is uniquely special, important, and reflective of each and every school. Bennett is convinced that every school deserves the very best yearbook, and he will work in partnership with each of his schools to ensure that success.

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Bennett's plant consultant in Clarksville is Yvonne Lewis.

You can reach Yvonne by phone at 800-248-9725 ext. 45873

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